Can YOU Tell if This is a Picture or Painting?

When a great artist finishes a painting, it is common to express the sentiment that their work looks almost like a photograph.

Gnarly Sunset’s talented German photographer Victoria Wlaka “viwehei” accomplished the opposite with her sunset picture of Heidelberg, Germany’s Towers of Alte Brücke. Viwehei captured the towers in stunning fashion, creating a jawdropping silhouette effect against the blue and purple sky.

The photograph is available as wall art in canvas and print form in sizes ranging from 8×10 to 36×48. Gnarly Sunset also recently began offering triptych sunset prints. This particular piece is available from 20×36 (in three separate pieces) all the way up to 40×60. Prices on our art starts at just $19, and a percentage of each sale goes to support local artists in over 100 countries… in this case, viwehei.

Be sure to check out the thousands of snapshots shared by everyone at Gnarly Sunset. We are trying to build the largest and best database of sunrise and sunset pictures online.